All Together…Finally: Togetherville Brings Your Younglings to the Social Network Table

A new social network has popped up.  No, don’t roll your eyes, as you attempt to convey your annoyance and fatigue with yet another crop of newcomers trying to dethrone the security-free king, Facebook.  This one aims to do something much more ambitious than usurp Facebook.  It’s trying to indoctrinate your children!

Copyright 2010 Togetherville

Well, not really.  In fact, Togetherville (still in Beta) has created a mission to help your children aged 6-13 make quality, informed decisions about how they represent themselves online.  It’s no longer a question of if you let your child communicate online, it’s now a question of how.

It’s amazing how far the Internet has come.  It used to be we were all fearful of the one-way communication that would feed itself into our children’s brains as they were assaulted by inappropriate images, text, and videos.  We’ve come to get a grasp on that, and how to handle it.  Now, the new big-bad is the two-way communication.  Why would I ever let my child post their name on-line?  Why would I ever let them post anything personal (even as benign as “Had fun in PE today!”) on-line?  You know what I’m going to say…they will do it, even if you don’t let them.

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