2 Minute Tabletop Review – Harry Potter Lego Hogwarts

As the past few 2MinTT Reviews will undoubtedly show, my family and I have become completely obsessed with the new(ish) line of Lego board games.  We finally ventured out from beyond the $10, cheaply invested games, and splurged on one of the more extravagant, expensive sets: Harry Potter’s Hogwarts.

While challenging, and requiring chess-like forethought, it has become a staple of nightly entertainment.  Find out why…

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2 Minute Tabletop Review: Lego Magikus

I had been eying the new set of Lego games for a while now, but hesitated mostly because of the required ages being older than my son.  Usually I can figure out whether or not a game is accessible to my son, despite the suggested age, by looking at the board type and brief directions on the back; however, the Lego games offer no support on the box or indication on how the game is played.

So, I just decided to plunk the $11 down, and pick up one that looked as if it would work: Magikus.  And, to my delight, not only was it fun and accessible to my 5 year old, we were actually playing the advanced rules by the end of our week-long vacation.

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2 Minute Tabletop Review: Zombie Dice

I love tabletop games.  I love video games; but, I really love tabletop games.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than gathering around the kitchen table with food and drinks, and rolling dice and playing cards (we’ve yet to take the full plunge into tabletop RPG, though we do own the Serenity Rules Book, and will have to start that this summer).

My collection of tabletop games is quite big, and I hope to go through and review some of them in the next few weeks.  Like most reviews I do here, they’re mostly geared towards what you as a parent/teacher can do with the kids/students and these games.  First one up is actually a brand new one we just got this weekend: Zombie Dice.

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