Jailbreaking in an OS3.0 World

Quite a few articles on Jailbreaking are pre-OS3.0, which had me wondering if it was still even worth it to Jailbreak.  It seemed like Apple listened, and finally brought some much asked for features to the iPhone.  Without doing too much research as to if Jailbreaking was still necessary with OS3.0, the hobbyist in me decided to dive in and see what I could find.

I won’t go over how to Jailbreak, as that’s a much covered topic.  However, if you’re new to the world of Jailbreaking, and would like a great place to start, there’s a fantastic “How-To” over at Gizmodo.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes, minimal knowledge of hidden files on your computer, and a couple of button presses.  Very smooth process.  Just make sure to create a backup in iTunes before you get to it.

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