Jailbreaking the Ice

Yes, Jailbreaking is still relevant, and here’s why:


iOS Apps: Taking the Plunge

I’ve added (and subtracted) enough apps to this ever-changing Prezi to warrant a re-post (previously posted as “50 Apps You’ve [probably] Never Heard Of”). I’ve also changed the format to reflect the fact that many are new to the iOS App scene, while others are old-timers at it, and are looking to expand their usage.  Enjoy!


Creativity Fatigue Sets In: iOS and Android Games are Losing Their Edge

There’s been a lot of talk recently about mobile gaming via iOS and Android devices taking over the market, which has been previously dominated by Sony and Nintendo.  Your usual points of evidence include cheaper prices ($.99 vs. $39), ease of installation (install in seconds vs. purchase at store and carry with you), and dual/tri-functionality (phone/app/game vs. game).  Nintendo has stated for the past two years that they not only don’t fear this new trend, but don’t even see it as a competition.  I originally thought this was preposterous posturing, but even as an avid iOS gamer, I’m starting to agree with the Big N. Continue reading

50 Apps in 50 Minutes That You’ve (probably) Never Heard Of

As just presented this morning at Cue11 — and as promised to those who attended — here’s the Prezi with the list of 50 apps you’ve probably never heard of: http://is.gd/MMwEe2

Jailbreaking in an OS3.0 World

Quite a few articles on Jailbreaking are pre-OS3.0, which had me wondering if it was still even worth it to Jailbreak.  It seemed like Apple listened, and finally brought some much asked for features to the iPhone.  Without doing too much research as to if Jailbreaking was still necessary with OS3.0, the hobbyist in me decided to dive in and see what I could find.

I won’t go over how to Jailbreak, as that’s a much covered topic.  However, if you’re new to the world of Jailbreaking, and would like a great place to start, there’s a fantastic “How-To” over at Gizmodo.  The whole process takes about 5 minutes, minimal knowledge of hidden files on your computer, and a couple of button presses.  Very smooth process.  Just make sure to create a backup in iTunes before you get to it.

Continue reading

2 Minute iPhone App Review: WordPress

It seems only fitting that I feature the WordPress App today, since it’s one of the main reasons why I’m back blogging (if you cared to know).  WordPress is the free (with premium available) blogging program of choice for over 200,000 bloggers.  With this app, you can have access to all your WordPress blogs, with a multitude of features:

  • Support for WordPress blogs and self-installed WordPress blogs
  • Full tag and category support
  • Photo support
  • Importing of photos from iPhone camera or storage
  • Registering of multiple blogs
  • Comment moderation (though undo features require web access)
  • Full editing features: Save as Draft, Publish, Edit
  • Notification of new comments


With all of the major features available through the iPhone App, it makes a good case for not actually blogging from your computer ever again.  With the OS3.0 Update, I notice that they also now support landscape mode, which is nice on the thumbs for extended posting.

The app only supports WordPress 2.7 and web-based WordPress blogs.  So, if you’re using the WordPress site-based program to blog, you’re fine.  If you’re using your own, self-installed version, you may need to upgrade.  Specifically, I noticed that DiscoveryEducation blogs are not supported, as they are running an earlier version of WordPress.

In an age where most flock to Twitter for their most random thoughts, it’s nice to have a posting tool at your fingertips that allows for more prose-oriented publishing.

Pros: Most features available, posting of pics from iPhone camera, landscape mode
Support limited to WordPress 2.7, unapproving or marking comments as not spam requires computer-based web access

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