How to: Create a Real Life RPG to Keep Kids Busy on Your Next Trip

This past July, we took a week long camping trip to Roswell, New Mexico to visit the UFO Museum and Research Center, as well as explore the different state parks in the area (mainly Bottomless Lakes, which sported some amazing sunken caves).

As with most of our camping trips, we like to schedule 51% of the day hiking, exploring, playing, and the other 49% just sitting (reading, listening to music, napping).  It’s that 49% of the day when our 5 year old typically asks to watch TV or play his DS.  So, to combat this, I created a Real Life Roleplaying Game to keep him busy, both on the road and at the campsite.

Inside, you’ll find complete details of how I did it, what I included, and even a Google Spreadsheet template to get you started!

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