Tablets vs. SMARTBoards

After countless conferences, technology journals, and anecdotes from fellow teachers, I think I’ve finally had it with listening to how great SMART or Promethean Boards are.  Yes, they are a great feat of technological achievement (though, with the introduction of the Kinect, they increase in archaic appearance as the years go on).  But, for the price, they are not the best use of money for student engagement and instructional strategies. Continue reading

Hey…You got Interwrite in My Qwizdom!

Rolled out the Qwizdom today for some test prep. We reviewed finding the missing angle of a triangle and quadrilateral. The review didn’t go as smoothly as you would think it would, what with this being roughly the 3rd week of dealing with this subject.

Student Remote

Using the Interwrite to write all over the question seemed to help edge them through the mathematics block they were bumping up against.


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