Global Classroom Training – Session 1

We had Session 1 of our “Global Classroom” training today, which aims to train 1 teacher at each site in the various Web 2.0 technologies with the hopes of the viralness of these tools slowly taking over.

The whole training today went very well.  The teacher moved smoothly from creating their own Wiki’s, to registering and adding contacts through Skype, and getting setup to start Diigo’ing.

The reception seemed very positive, with many teachers extremely excited to start this process.  Something that I think this group of teachers truly seems to understand, is gone are the days of going to a training, taking the software back to the classroom, and repeating exactly what you saw — “Reader Rabbit” this ain’t.

One common thread that seemed to get stitched repeatedly through the night was that we’re merely aggregating all these tools, and showing them to this Cadre; however, they’re the professionals, they’re the teachers, and they can immediately see the application in the classroom.

This is truly “disruptive technology,” as the teachers will do with this whatever they see fit, which — in turn — means that their students should then do with it what THEY see fit.  It’s that infectious nature that needs to really take over in order to ensure that our students — low income, short-on-resources — have equal access to information as everyone else.

Given the positive vibe coming from these teachers tonight, I envision our kids having access to MORE information than the average student.


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