I’m currently sitting in a presentation on the advantages of Linux — specifically Edubuntu for education…

Advantages of Linux– Free and legal

– Extremely stable

– Virus/Spyware free

– Philosophically speaking, allows users to own technology, not just use pre-created tech.


– Thin client manager

– Cost Effective

Dual booting

Resurrect old equipment

– RAID-1 backup

Advantages of Ubuntu

– Regular release schedule

– “Linux for human beings” – Harmtan: “I’m working with 5 year olds, here; it’s gotta be easy.”

– Easy LTSP install

– Supportive/Friendly community

4 Steps to Edubuntu

1. Instll second ethernet card
2. Load Edubuntu on server
3. Connect server to thin clients
4. Set BIOS to boot from NIC card — which boots Edubuntu from network. Done.

5-computer MiniLANS allows for cheaper, more flexible implementation.


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